Role of Volunteers

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Jamie Corrigan, Pharmacy Volunteer, Photo by by Matthew McDermott - AmeriCares

Jamie Corrigan, Pharmacy Volunteer,  helps fill prescriptions. Photo by by Matthew McDermott/ AmeriCares

Some Facts about our Volunteers:

  • Over the past twelve months, more than 400 volunteers have come together to provide health care to some of Anderson County’s neediest residents. The Free clinic would not be possible without the medical, dental and pharmacy services and support for those services that volunteers provide. Other activities such as fundraisers like Walk with the Docs and other support events also depend upon the participation of the community. Many volunteers have been with us many years and some have actually been with to the Free Clinic since its beginnings in 1984.
  • Volunteers come from all walks of life and all ages and volunteer for many different reasons.
  • Clinical positions include doctors, dentists, NPs, pharmacists, nurses, CMAs, dental assistants and others.
  • Non-clinical positions include reception, referral, medical record, phone and message volunteers as well as many types of clerical workers, grant researchers, chart filers, pharmacy window helpers, and prescription fillers.

    Rita and Renee

    Rita Schehlenger HP Receptionist and Renee McCormick RN confer over the Honea Path schedule for the evening clinic.

  • To match volunteers’ skills and interests with Clinic jobs, potential volunteers must go through a process of application, interview and training.
  • Individual volunteer commitments vary, but most provide 2-4 hours per week or month of service. All volunteers must adhere to AFC’s confidentiality and best-practice policies.

If you’d like join the AFC team, please contact Michelle Nixon for further information at (864) 512-7809 or