Our Team

Anderson Free Clinic Staff

Tammie Collins- Executive Director

Michelle Nixon- Volunteer Coordinator

Zeke Stephenson- Resource Development Coordinator

Jennifer Payne- Pharmacist/Pharmacy Coordinator

Jenny Craddock- Mental Health Counselor/Mental Health Coordinator

Jennifer Flowers- Nurse/Nursing Coordinator

Victoria Jones- Intake and Referral Coordinator

Sandra Coronel- Patient Services Coordinator

Jerriann Lugo- Pharmacy Manager

Nicole Branyon- Pharmacy Technician

Kay Holmes- Finance Coordinator

Board of Directors

Board Officers

Board Chair –Mandy Whisnant

Vice Chair – Traywick Duffie

Treasurer – Clint Bates, CPA

Secretary – Theresa Taylor

Program Area Directors

Medical Director – Akida Green, MD

Pharmacy Director – Ashley Jeffcoat, Pharm D

Dental Director – Bob Austin, DMD

Vision Director – Ed Mattison, MD

HP Director/Non-voting – Sarah Atkin

Board Members

Stuart Barnes, MD

Allen Cothran

Diana Clemow, MD

Michael Cunningham

Hailey Evans

Merrylee Foster

Dr. Vince Gallicchio

Ron Haskell

Jeanette Kinsey, MD

Bill Manson

Beverly McAdams, Ph.D.

Stephen Roberts

Reena Thomason


His/her presence does not impact quorum, does not have voting authority or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities.

Harold Morse, MD

Paul Wagner