Our Team

Board of Directors

Board Officers

Board Chair – Leslie McIntosh, Esq

Vice Chair – Mandy Whisnant

Treasurer – Clint Bates, CPA

Secretary – Theresa Taylor

Program Area Directors

Medical Director – Akida Green, MD

Pharmacy Director – Ashley Jeffcoat, Pharm D

Dental Director – Bob Austin, DMD

Vision Director – Vaughn Parfitt, OD

Board Members

Sarah Atkin- Honea Path Clinic Coordinator

Diana Clemow, MD

Allen Cothran

Michael Cunningham

Traywick Duffie

Hailey Evans

Merrylee Foster

Dr. Vince Gallicchio

Ron Haskell

Jeanette Kinsey, MD

Beverly McAdams

Reena Thomason


His/her presence does not impact quorum, does not have voting authority or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities.

Harold Morse, MD

Paul Wagner

Renee McCormick, Deceased