How to Become a Volunteer

Volunteers in Action!

Becoming a volunteer at the Free Clinic is joining a very special family of people who are like-minded and driven to help those in our area who are less fortunate. As you think about becoming a volunteer, recruit friends and family to join our AFC family with you! No previous medical experience is necessary to volunteer and become a member of the Clinic.

The process is simple:

  1. Application: download the volunteer application forms or call (864) 512-7809 to speak with the Volunteer Coordinator or email Michelle Nixon at An application can be sent to you by email or postal service.
  2. Interview: The volunteer coordinator will call or email to schedule an interview with you and go over your application. The purpose of this interview is to help us become acquainted, determine your interests, availability for volunteer placement and arrange a schedule after considering department needs, volunteer background and interests and availability. Dress code and other information will also be discussed.
  3. Security Clearance and Confidentiality: Each applicant will receive a background check at no cost to them. If a volunteer is an intern or extern, the school or orgaLibby and Patient at Triage 2 EDnization will be asked to provide a background check. A social security number is required. Applicants will also be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and statement of understanding.
  4. Orientation and training: Orientation and training will be provided by the department volunteer liaison. You will be schedule
    d for an orientation day/time at the completion of your interview. Our orientation covers the policies and procedures of Anderson Free Clinic and an overview of the training required for your specific volunteer job. The time for orientation and training varies and will be an ongoing process depending upon the volunteer job. Volunteers are required to shadow a staff member or veteran volunteer before beginning their regular shift.
  5. Training: Applicants with direct patient contact (Nurses, CMAs and CNAs) will receive additional training that will be scheduled at the time of the interview.
  6. ID Badge: Each volunteer is provided a badge to be worn each time they volunteer. Volunteer badges are stored at the Free Clinic. Interns and externs are required to wear their school ID badge.
  7. Volunteer!

Click here to download the volunteer application forms.