Why Support the AFC

  • Anderson Free Clinic and its satellite Honea Path Free Clinic are the only clinics in Anderson County that provides health care  
    services including medical, dental, medication assistance and health education “all under one roof” to the county’s low-income, uninsured residents.
  • With more people losing their their health insurance as they lose their jobs or with part-time minimum wage jobs that neither offers health insurance or the ability to purchase private insurance , the economy is still taking its toll on some vulnerable Anderson County citizens.  When patients get care here, we help them manage their conditions, improving not only their lives but also the lives of their families, keep them out of expensive ERs, and thus better control health care spending.
  • AFC now provides care to more than 1800 patients., but despite our best eff
    orts, a waiting list exists of screened, eligible individuals who are waiting to see an AFC doctor for the first time.
  • Untreated health conditions caused by lack of medical and dental care are a serious problem in Anderson County.