Our Services


    Dr. Millar-Potts 2

    The Free Clinic provided in excess of 4,397 medical visits in 2012.  The Free Clinic offers general office visits as well as specialty clinics, such as  women’s health, congestive heart failure & the metabolic clinic, which treats a combination of high blood pressure, diabetes, & high cholesterol.


    DentalDr Art Bruce

    Clinic dentists perform simple procedures, such as fillings and extractions on-site, while situations that are more complicated may require referral to an oral surgeon.   Volunteer dentists completed 1,779 dental procedures at the Free Clinic during 2012.

Medication Assistance

The Anderson Free Clinic operates a Dispensing Pharmacy, which is  regulated by the SC Board of Pharmacy. Pharmacy staff and volunteers fill and dispense necessary medications and assist patients in locating other free or low cost resources for medications that the Free Clinic Pharmacy does not carry.  In 2012 alone, the Pharmacy has issued 1,750 new patient prescription assistance requests, and filled 38,776 prescriptions with a value exceeding $2.6 million.