Fundraiser Night at Chipotle Raises $267 for the Free Clinic 

Dr. Jeanette Kinsey

Dr. Jeanette Kinsey supports the Free Clinic not only at fundraisers like this one but also as a volunteer physician at the Honea Path Free Clinic and a Board member.

On Friday, July 22 from 5-9 PM, Chipotle Mexican Grille at 3556 Clemson Blvd Suite 300 in Anderson hosted a fundraiser for the Anderson Free Clinic. Chipotle donated 50% of proceeds to the Anderson and Honea Path Free Clinics.

As a corporation Chipotle exhibits a strong dedication to community service. For example, The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds initiatives supporting sustainable agriculture, family farming, and food education and has already raised about $3 million.



 Mrs. Bobbie Oglesby Named
2015 United Way Volunteer of the Year

Mrs. Bobbie Oglesby

Mrs. Bobbie Oglesby has volunteered for the Anderson Free Clinic  for 30 years. Since its inception in 1984, she has been a source of inspiration for staff and other volunteers and has set the standard for selfless dedication and hard work for the sake of those who desperately need a medical home.

Mrs. Bobbie Oglesby has volunteered at the Free Clinic ever since its beginnings in 1984. She immediately took on the responsibility of transcription for a growing clinic. Over time, her hard work, virtues and values as well as her expectations of other volunteers and staff have led people to connect to her and very naturally filled the role of a mentor to both staff and volunteers. In every role she has ever assumed at the Free Clinic, one thing has been a CONSTANT: giving words of praise, encouragement and confidence and speaking candidly about her concerns over the challenges the Clinic has encountered.

Dr. Harry Morse, who has also volunteered at the clinic for 30 years as a physician and Board Member called her one of those “inspirational citizen volunteers in our community who allows the Free Clinic to continue to thrive and flourish all these years.” He added that he would be “forever indebted to her.”

Maureen Sartini, Director of the Free Clinic for 25 years, called Mrs. Bobbie her “mentor, her experienced and trusted advisor” while Dr. Nate Bradford described her as “frank, thoughtful and self-effacing.” For Barb Baptista, current Director, Mrs. Bobbie is “an incredible person” who has been “guiding her along the way.”

Free Clinic Volunteer Physician Dr. Donna Millar-Potts Recognized for her Service to the Anderson Community

The Virginia Gilmer Extraordinary Woman in Healthcare Community Service: Dr. Donna Millar-Potts

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As physician in the Infectious Disease Department of AnMed Health, Dr. Millar-Potts serves as primary care provider for
patients seen at the HIV clinic held by AnMed Health at the Free Clinic. She also volunteers at least twice each month seeing Free Clinic patients. She has served the Free Clinic both as a Board member and Medical Director.

Her compassion extends beyond AnMed Health and the Free Clinic. She is an Extraordinary Woman in Healthcare, who has dedicated her life to taking care of the poor and underprivileged in Anderson, Greenville and Oconee counties. Upon completion of her training at Greenville Hospital System, Dr. Millar-Potts joined the faculty at GHS and taught there for almost 20 years, serving as Director of Community Medicine, and leading students to a deeper understanding of how socio-economic status, education, and access can affect a patients’ health. She also held appointments at USC and MUSC medical Schools. She served as a medical director of the Greenville’s Federally Qualified Health Center from 1998 to 2003.