Medical and Dental Volunteer Providers

Volunteer Medical and Dental Providers at the Anderson Free Clinic

medical_volunteerThe Anderson Free Clinic would like to thank the physicians and dentists who make medical and dental care for AFC and HPFC patients possible by volunteering at the Free Clinic.

We thank, recognize and admire their hard work, their time and talents. The Free Clinic volunteers include retired aDr Straupnd practicing physicians and dentists who despite the long hours and numerous patients at their own practice, still make it a priority to give time and care to the Free Clinic patients. There are over 34 Free Clinics in the State of SC. Anderson Free Clinic is one of five Free Clinics that is able to offer dental care. Overall, volunteer providers cared for 1800 patients, made possible over 4300 medical visits &41 dental clinics in 2012.

On behalf of the low income uninsured patients who have a medical home and oral health care because of you, we extend our most genuine gratitude to the following physicians and dentists who donated their services to the Anderson Free Clinic in 2012-2013 YTD: 

Dental Providers

  • Dr. Bob Austin
    Dr. Jay Bruce
    Dr. Art Bruce
    Dr. Gabrielle Cannick
    Dr. Jim Curtis
    Dr. Marc Franks
    Dr. Byron Guffee
    Dr. William Gustafson
    Dr. John Hillers
  • Dr. Edward Lancaster
    Dr. Greg Marzolf
    Dr. Jason Mitchell
    Dr. Matthew Pray
    Dr. Ron Sconyers
    Dr. Mark Stamey
    Dr. Bob Straup
    Dr. John Waters

Drs. Thomas Dixon*, John Hollingsworth, Ryan Marcello and William Dunlap agree to see our patients at their clinics

Medical Providers – Anderson & Honea Path*

  • Dr. Donna Millar Potts
    Dr. Stuart Barnes
    Dr. William Turner
    Dr. Bill Griffith
    Dr. Nathan Bradford
    Dr. Stoney Abercrombie
    Dr. Jackson Bruce
    Dr. Diana Clemow
    Dr. John Davies
    Dr. Amanda Davis
    Dr. Jim Herbert
    Dr. Jim Kapetanakos
    Dr. Michael Kunkel
    Dr. Joe McElwee
    Dr. Scott Kellner
    Dr. Jim Stumpff*
    Dr. Peter Zervos

  • Dr. Harry Morse
    Dr. Sid Patel
    Dr. Maria Cayelli
    Dr. Stephen Cayelli*
    Dr. Nata Young
    Dr. Kent Jenkins*
    Dr. Jeanette Kinsey*
    Dr. Katherine Beben
    Dr. Venkat Chintagumpala
    Dr. Terry Davis
    Dr. Satyajit Doddapaneni
    Dr. Akida Green
    Sandra Jacobs APRN
    Dr. Chris Jennings
    Dr. Brian Mulroy
    Dr. Chet Walters

    AnMed Health Family
    Medicine Residents

Referral Providers

  • Dr. Jerry Champ
    Dr. Brett Stoll
    Dr. John Wendt
    Dr. Rhonda Duncan-Mauldin
    Dr. Richard DeAngelis
    Dr. Theresa Knoepp
    Dr. Mark Quarterman
    Dr. Shahzad Sheikh
    Dr. Manjakkollai Veerabagu
    Dr. Jane Reister
    Dr. Lawton Salley
    Dr. James Herbert
    Dr. Christopher Jennings
    Dr. Zia-Ud Din
    Dr. Ralph Henry
    Dr. Muhammad Shakeel
    Dr. Larry Davidson
    Dr. Aaron MacDonald
    Dr. Dan Fleming
    Dr. Boris Ilg
    Dr. Edward Mattison
    Dr. Reid Murphy
    Dr. J. Philip Wilmeth
    Anderson Area Cancer Center

  • Dr. Mark Wolken
    Dr. William Milford
    Dr. Steve Andreasen
    Dr. Van Forrester
    Dr. Dirk Graves
    Dr. Alex Ward
    Dr. Darius Divina
    Dr. Timothy Dew
    Dr. John Millon
    Dr. Mark Pierce
    Dr. Todd Swathwood
    Dr. Carol Burnette
    Dr. Sung Joon Han
    Dr. Eric Loudermilk
    Dr. James Rose
    Dr. David Somers
    Dr. Stephen Hand
    Dr. Gowdhami Mohan
    Dr. Charles Thompson
    Dr. William Buice
    Dr. Peter Cook
    Dr. James Foster
    Dr. Paul Frassenelli
    Dr. Matthew George
    Dr. Louis Knoepp
    AnMed Health Family Medicine

  • Dr. Steve McElveen
    Dr. J.P. Stokes
    Dr. David Strathern
    Dr. Vidal Despradel
    Dr. Kirk Seiler
    Dr. Dennis Whatley
    Dr. Dole Baker
    Dr. Jennifer McDougal
    Dr. Mandy Mitchell
    Dr. Michael Hellstrom
    Dr. Shelley Wells
    Dr. Blair Rowitz
    Dr. David Wortham
    Dr. Jim Kopp
    Dr. Glenn Scott
    Dr. Sairah Bashir
    Dr. Marion Williams
    Dr. Kirk Hensarling
    Dr. Bruce Richmond
    Dr. Leslie Wilcox
    Dr. Stephanie Vanterpool
    Dr. Syed Malick
    Dr. Abhijit Ravel
    AnMed Health Medical Center- Outpatient Foot/ Wound Care Services