Job Opportunity at the Anderson Free Clinic

The Free Clinic is accepting applications for a new Nurse Practitioner!  The Nurse Practitioner will provide primary medical care for new & established patients, all uninsured adults ages 18 & older who are living in poverty. If you are interested or know of someone who would be interested, please spread the word!

Please email resume and salary requirements to

Status: FT position/ hourly – Not to exceed 30 – 32  hrs
Reports to: Executive Director
Works under guidance of Volunteer Medical Director
Supervises the Clinical Services Coordinator and the Referral Coordinator

Essential Functions
Clinical – 90%  

  1. Provide primary medical care for new and established patients and make clinical decisions regarding patient care under guidance of Medical Director
  2. Review all abnormal lab results and follow-up with patient as appropriate; i.e. contact patient; provide education; write prescriptions; order follow-up tests or referrals and document action taken in patient chart
  3. Oversee patients on Coumadin therapy and act as a resource for clinic nursing staff in monitoring Coumadin levels and adjustments per Coumadin protocol
  4. Develop treatment plans for patients with multiple chronic diseases, while recognizing the diversity of Anderson Free Clinic’s patient population, thus taking in consideration social determinants of health

Other Associated Functions – 10%

  1. Along with volunteer Medical Director, maintains a dialogue with volunteer medical providers regarding any new procedures, resources and limitations of AFC in the care of patients.
  2. Be a resource for staff in troubleshooting problems in the medical service delivery area. Participate in and share with appropriate staff any discussions with the patients regarding compliments and complaints. Review procedures for an efficient flow of patients and to maximize availability, utilization of and support to providers at clinic and referrals.
  3. Promote open communication and feedback from medical staff regarding new suggestions, information learned, and problem resolutions. Lead the clinical staff in a manner that promotes teamwork, cooperation, and understanding and an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and cooperation. Participate in staff meetings.
  4. May precept Nurse Practitioner students

Education / Experience:

◦       Current license as certified nurse practitioner
◦       Preferred 1 year of Family Practice or Internal Medicine experience or 3 years’ experience in other practice settings. Nurse practitioner will be providing primary care for patients 18 and up.
◦       Experience working with uninsured adults living in poverty is desired preferred but not required.
Skills / Abilities:

◦       Proficiency in all clinical skills and demonstrated ability to develop treatment plans for patients with multiple chronic diseases, taking in          consideration social determinants of health of Anderson Free Clinic’s patient population
◦       Knowledge of EHR and ability to learn EHR used by the Free Clinic to proficiently and accurately document patient encounters and health care information
◦       Effective interpersonal skills to maintain team environment in the provision of care
◦       Self-motivated to maintain a positive attitude

Communication, Management and Documentation skills.

◦       Planning skills: Ability to anticipate needs of service area and act on those appropriately
◦       Verbal Skills: Effective verbal skills to coach staff if necessary, and to communicate to the medical providers, and patients.
◦       Problem Solving: Effective conflict resolution, problem identification, problem resolution, and decision making skills.

Performs other duties as assign to:

◦       Support the mission of the Free Clinic.
◦       Manage expenses and increase efficiency and productivity to help assure our financial well-being.
◦       Contribute to a team environment, embrace diversity and live the credo: “working together works and together we make a difference”.


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