From Barb’s Desk

Taking control of what you know . . .

Because of our limited resources the Anderson Free Clinic only serves those who make $11,490 /year or less , if single – add approx $4000 for each person in the household… so if there are 4 people in a household the maximum income to qualify a member of that household is $23,550!!. Imagine the choices a family has to make to survive with that income.

Soooo, as the Health Exchange Program gets  “belated” attention, and as I read people’s … “discontentment” about the federal government shut down, let me share with you a few things:

1) SC 947018_521365831260922_1434237559_nleadership opted on the people’s behalf not to expand Medicaid. Good or bad option is not my point. The fact is that this decision eliminated the chance for care for a lot of people who are not even eligible to become AFC patient, unless we raise the eligibility to include those with income ABOVE 100% the Federal Poverty Level. That could only become a reality if the Free Clinic raises capacity … and operating funding. We are not a Federal or State program nor do we receive government funding at this point.

2) The way that the Affordable Care Act program was approved after many compromises were made (and I mean MANY) no tax credit/subsidy is made available for households at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level to get Health insurance under the Health Exchange. Those are ALL the people who we care at the Free Clinic or are waiting to become our patients !!! So we remain as their option for a health care “PLAN”
At the Free Clinic we are proud to offer OUR plan: Volunteers in Action… Health Care with Passion! The fact that we are a FREE CLINIC does not imply or translate to less then adequate health care. I am personally blessed with the option of a private health care plan , but in a matter of quality I would with no hesitation, choose to be a patient of the Anderson Free Clinic PLAN. I love the care, the thoroughness and the time our providers spend with our patients. Their conscious, compassionate heart, expertise, common sense and above all their oath is what guide them when practicing medicine at AFC. Not the “we cover only this” or “need to do that to approve this” insurance guidelines, limitation or required proof of need that raises cost of care.

I thank our supporters – Donors and Volunteers – for the faith you have in the Free Clinic’s role and for your investment of time and or money that comes with that Faith. TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE


Barb Baptista una Freund
Executive Director