For Patients

We are here for your health. Please be part of it!

  • Tell doctors how you REALLY feel. Mention all symptoms and any allergies. This helps the doctors prescribe appropriate treatment & meds.
  • Complete labs on the day you are instructed to do.
  • Take meds as prescribed, supported by timely refills.
  • Bring your medicine in the original bottle to every visit. Bring ALL, even if they were prescribed by another office or are over the counter medications
  • Don’t let your certification lapse.
  • Don’t leave appointment without knowing what you need to do & why is it important.
  • Keep your appointments. If the doctor refers you to a specialist, you will receive the appointment by mail. If you cannot make this appointment, please call their office & cancel it.
  • Make your appointment a priority, but if you can’t make it, cancel in advance (Call 512-7804) so we can give your appointment to someone else.
    Keep in mind that if you cancel, it may take several weeks or months for you to get     another appointment
  • Give us your current contact information. The Free Clinic needs current phone numbers and addresses in order to mail referrals or inform patients of appointment changes.
  • Patients are asked to pitch in. AFC is able to stay open because of the financial support by those who believe in our mission.

How to Become A New Patient

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To be Eligible to Become a New Patient, You Must:
  1. Be an adult resident of Anderson County.
  2. Have no insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.
  3. Meet low-income guidelines (100% of Federal Poverty Level.)

To Apply to Become a New Patient:
  1. Click here to download the New Patient Application
  2. Apply directly at the Free Clinic at the new patient screening session on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am. Doors open at 9:00 am and close at 9:05 am. Everyone inside at that time will be oriented and screened.